Provisional Summary of activities of the Anti Racism Campaign to June 2001

Summer 1997 ARC set up in the Garden of Delight Dublin about 60 people attend first meeting

Since then ARC has had several regular events

1. Since 1998 a regular information stall in Dublin sometimes replaced by door to door leafleting we have issued about 40 different leaflets and distributed over 30,000 per year

2. Regular presence at annual events such as trade council mayday march, anti racism conferences and marches organised by other groups (see below for more examples)

3. Petition against deportations which now has around 6000 signatures

4. Regular media watch with articles and letters in national papers and interviews on RTE radio and television and TV3 5. Published 6 Newsletters since 19996.

Summary of some of our more major activities:

Autumn 1997 ARC members set up advice service for refugees and asylum seekers through Citzens Information Centre, Beresford street in Dublin - (this ended by 1998 as the people with the skills had to leave for England)

November 1997 First Mass door to door leafleting - Rialto and Dolphins Barn

December 1997 First of several pickets on Independent Newspapers to protest at their negative coverage of asylum issues

Over 1998 took part in the Asylum Rights Alliance (organised through Comhlamh) - we also had an active theatre group which produced a comedy on the governments policies which was played at several meetings, demos and had a short run in a Dublin theatre

April 1998 Initiated a No Racism No Deportations day of action which was endorsed by over 30 NGOs and community Groups and lead to a 2000 strong march in Dublin - 150 people marching in Cork and demonstrations at 10 Irish Embassies.

June 1998 Successful occupation of Sun offices to protest at blatantly biased articles against refugees and asylum seekers.

August 1998 ARC combined with the Castleblaney (Monaghan) based Roma Support Group to publicise the case of 47 Roma refugees who had arrived in Wexford in a sealed container - several demos held including one of about 200 people at the department of Justice with the Roma and several white line pickets in Dublin.

September 1998 White line picket - Let Asylum Seekers Stay.

Protest at Belgian Embassy to highlight the death of a deportee through police brutality. Addressed Post Primary Branch of TUI.

October 1998 started setting up the National federation of Campaigns Against Racism this eventually grouped together a wide range of organisations including Anti Fascist Action, Residents Against Racism, Immigrant Solidarity (Cork), Mid West Against Racism (Limerick), Galway Against Racism, Association of Nigerian Asylum Seekers in Ireland, Community of Romanians in Ireland, Roma Support Group and Sport Against Racism in Ireland.

October - November 1998 Helped build for a march organised by the Asylum Rights Alliance - this march held in early December attracted 1500 people

December 1998 Played a major part in helping to prevent the deportation of Joseph Ekundayo Omoniyi and 3 Romanian Asylum seekers through public protest and Court action. Also In December ARC organised a protest in Dublin Airport arrivals hall

January 1999 continued to help with the above cases published first Newsletter

Febrauay 1999 printed thousands of 'what to do if you are threatened with deportation' cards widely circulated.

March 1999 further protest at airport official launch of Federation

April 1999 Public meeting organised by us and other Federation members give asylum seekers the right to work about 150 attend

June 1999 Organised with Federation and part financed Diversity Ireland exhibition which was launched in Civic offices by the then Lord Mayor of Dublin Joe O Toole. This exhibition uses large colour panels to highlight different aspects of Irish Identity, the history of Ireland as an emigrant nation, the human cost of fortress Europe, Irish attitudes towards different ethnic groups and so on. It has been reprinted in poster form and toured Ireland being exhibited in Libraries and at meetings, conferences and festivals ever since.

July 1999 helped organise a large Federation demonstration against the Governments Immigration bill

September 1999 participated in Sports Against Racism football tournament

October - November 1999 Began a campaign of opposition to Food Vouchers, Direct Provision and Accommodation of refugees in prison ships (so called flotels) Helped initiate motions through some unions Mandate officially condemned the Direct provision scheme and threatened industrial action to prevent it s implementation.

December 1999 protest at Dublin airport

March 2000 Occupation of Bertie Ahern's political clinic by 11 people including several ARC members to protest at flotels, compulsory finger printing of asylum seekers and introduction of police from Nigeria and Romania to work with Gardai.

May 2000 Protest on new bridge across the Liffey with models of flotels - joined by several other groups about 50 people

Summer 2000 extensive leafleting with Anti Fascist action and Residents Against Racism in Inner city and Suburbs about 20,000 leaflets given out

January - February 2001 Involved in further action on individual deportation cases with Residents Against Racism especially around the case of Blessing Oguera who, unfortunately, was deported

March 2000 Began work with a new group Integrating Ireland which draws together over 100 campaigns, NGOS and Support Groups

June 2001 Did a stand at Amnesty International Conference + attended and helped build for march organised by Anti Deportation Committee with about 600 people

This is a provisional list, a a lot of stuff probably been left out. Email with any additional details

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