Posting Protocol for Anarchist Platform list

Please read this message now and keep it for future reference

Posting Protocol for Anarchist Platform list

The 'Anarchist Platform' list is intended to be used for constructive discussion and organisation. Anyone with email who agrees with the Platform should be able to remain on the list even if they have very limited access so it is vital that the number and size of mails on the list is kept to a minimum. The protocol below should encourage this &endash; please respect it. Anyone who repeatedly breaks it will be unsubscribed

It is very important mails to the list are kept to a minimum as several comrades have indicated that due to local conditions they have very limited access to email. Please use AP_discuss for general discussions, there are no limits on postings there.

1. There is to be no flaming on 'Anarchist Platform', that is no personal attacks on other 'Anarchist Platform' subscribers

2. No post is to be sent to 'Anarchist Platform' with a content where quotations from previous posts makes up 33% or more of the text. In general we would encourage replies in an essay format. Please do not include the previous message at the bottom of your reply unless absolutely necessary. If you are on the DIGEST it is VERY important that you do not include the entire digest in your reply. Make sure you edit it out.

3. Do not send more then one post on any one subject to 'Anarchist Platform' in any twelve hour period. Do not send more then two posts to 'Anarchist Platform' in total in any twelve hour period. Obviously this does not apply to genuine emergencies or posts send on behalf of Organisations.

4 .Do not send announcements, posts or articles to 'Anarchist Platform' that are available elsewhere on the web or through other mailing lists.

5. Do not send attachments to the list. These tend to be both very big and only readable by a small minority with the correct software. With attachments you can upload them to the ap_discuss file area and then post an announcement they are available to Anarchist Platform.


For those who can handle a larger volume of mail please subscribe to the following lists


This can be used as an overflow list for general discussions on 'Anarchist Platform' but is designed for people who agree with a lot but not all of the Anarchist Platform. Please try and subscribe to this list. Do so by emailing

B: A-infos

Send announcements, articles etc to the anarchist news service a-infos. This will reach thousands of people. To subscribe send the message 'subscribe a-infos' to To send an article to a-infos mail

A infos has a web page that shows all the articles recently sent to it at

If you have the time people are needed to help run the ainfos service. Ask on Anarchist Platform for instructions on joining this.

C: The Organise list

This is a general class struggle anarchist list on it with some 350 subscribers (Nov 1999). Email and ask for the list statement.