Biographies and writings of well known anarchists

Mikhail Bakunin
the 'founding father' of modern anarchism

Camillo Berneri
An Italian anarchist who fought and wrote about the Spanish Civil War alongside the Spanish anarchists.

Praxedis G. Guerrero
A Mexican anarchist killed in the opening months of the Mexican Revolution

Louise Michel
a French anarchist women who fought in the Paris commune

Errico Malatesta
Italian anarchist, one of the best anarchist writers

Buenaventura Durruti
Spanish anarchist who led the first anarchist militia column

Ricardo Magon
Mexican anarchist and political writer who dies in a US prison

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Emma Goldman
Emma was deported from the US, Russia, Poland and Germany amongst others

Emiliano Zapata
One of the hero's of the Mexican revolution

Alexander Berkman
US anarchist who wrote 'Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist'

Oscar Wilde's
The popular Irish writer also considered himself an anarchist

Captain Jack White
Irish anarchist who fought in Spain and helped form the Irish Citizens Army

George Woodcock
Academic who researched and wrote about anarchism

Daniel Guerin
French anarchist and author of several books

Leah Feldman
Polish anarchist women who joined the Makhnovists

Albert Meltzer
British anarchist

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