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For the first decade or so of the web the struggle site provided a home for pages concerned with the struggle for freedom. This included social struggles in Ireland; the Zapatistas, Irish history, anarchist theory and history, globalisation and many others. In 2004 there were over 5,000 documents and images on this site.

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The functionality proved by struggle was replaced by indymedia and sites like So this site is now mostly an archive with new additions limited to stuff that other sites are not suitable for. There are thousands of documents here and hundreds of photographs as well as a few still maintained sections. My intention is to maintain the site into the future principally as an archive and reference.

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Rossport Solidarity Camp
The struggle against Shell's attempt to impose a dangerous pipeline on the people of the Erris peninsula in Co Mayo

Information for Irish women about abortion services in the UK and Europe
This page has been set up by pro-choice activists to provide Irish women information about abortion services in the UK and Europe

Dublin anti-bin tax campaign
The refuse charge is an attempt to shift the burden of paying for the waste produced by big business on to the ordinary worker

Against capitalist globalisation
An Irish page and related email list to help organise the Irish end of the anti-capitalist movement. Includes reports from most of the major European demonstrations

News of struggles in Ireland
Personal reports from WSM members of events they took part in or attended

Stop refuelling at Shannon warport
Shannon airport in offically 'neutral' southern Ireland has been used for at least a decade to refuel US war planes. This page details opposition in Ireland to the role the Irish government has chosen to play in the US imperialist adventures.

Workplace struggles and the unions
analysis of the unions alongside specific coverage of strikes and workplace disputes in Ireland

Womens Liberation
Under modern capitalism women continue to receive lower pay then men and in many countries are still legally discriminated against.

Workers Solidarity
Online version of the Irish anarchist paper that is freely distributed all over Ireland

The fight for Abortion rights
A history of the fight for abortion rights in Ireland and the issues central to this fight.

Anarchist news
An occasional newsheet dealing with a single topic

Refugees & Asylum seekers in Ireland
The struggle for freedom for refugees and Asylum seekers in Ireland

The fight against the Water Charges
The story of how the Water Charge was defeated in Dublin

Modern anarchist writings by women
recent writings by anarchist women

The anarchist arguments against capitalism
A guide to how capitalism functions and why it is destroying our world and the people who live on it.

Three Zapatistas at the encounter

PDF files
Print out and distribute posters, leaflets and
booklets where you live, study or work!

Stop the War
We deplore the attack on the World Trade Centre which killed 3,000+ people but it but we oppose the 'War on Terrorism'

Anarchist history and theory on revolution
Anarchists insist that to get rid of capitalism and all its oppressions we need a revolution. But what exactly is a revolution and who can create one

Thinking about anarchism
Explains many of the basic ideas of anarchism and how they apply in Ireland

Anti - Racism in Ireland
Articles on racism in Ireland as it effects Irish Travellers

Anarchism and the fight against Imperialism
Areas covered include S11, the 1991 Gulf War, 2001 Afghan war and the UN interventions in Somalia and Yugoslavia.

Labour history of Ireland
Articles on the labor history of Ireland. Covers the role of the working class in Irish history and the struggles of trade unions and other radical working class movements.]

Anarchism and Religion
Anarchists traditionally have a hostile attitude to religion, summed up by the slogan 'No Gods, No Masters'

The Irish economy
A look at how the economy has functioned from the early 1980's on.

Drumcree, July 12th and the Orange Order
an anarchist analysis of sectarianism in Ireland and the role the Orange Order has played

The Irish 'Peace Process'
Articles and statements about the Irish 'Peace Process' and the IRA cease-fire

Imperialism and northern Ireland
Irish anarchist texts written from the early 1980's to the mid 1990's on the conflict in northern Ireland and the respective roles of British imperialism, Irish republicanism and loyalism

The Russian Revolution
The Russian revolution of October 1917 was a defining point for socialism. Was there an anarchist alternative to both Leninism and the return of Czarism?

Crime, prison and punishment
What is crime and who defines it, if we get rid of the police then who will stop crime occuring

Biographies and writings of well known anarchists
Information on some of the famous names of anarchism

Spanish revolution

Residents Against Racism
Supports and defends victims of racist harassment from the state.

The Alliance for Choice
Web site for pro-choice group

Anarchism in Ireland
An index of Irish anarchist resources and contacts on the internet

Dublin Abortion Rights Group
Fighting for abortion rights in Ireland, free, safe and on demand

Irish Mexico Group
Solidarity with the Zapatista struggle in Mexico

Anarchism, ecology and the environment
General theory plus reports of lots of Irish direct action protests related to the environment

Justice For Mark Barnsley (Ireland Support Group)
Solidarity with British prisoner Mark Barnsley

The international anarchist movement
Articles on the anarchist movement and anarchist organisations all over the world

Anti - Racism Campaign
Combating the upsurge of racism in Ireland, wound up April 2002

Immigrant Solidarity
Cork based pro-immigrant / anti-racist campaign

SIPTU Fightback
Building a rank and file network in SIPTU, Ireland's largest Trade Union

Garden of Delight
A tomb stone for a much missed social space

1913 Commemoration Committee
Organised commemorations of the Dublin lockout of 1913

Justice for Mumia Abu Jamal (Ireland)
Solidarity with US death row inmate Mumia Abu Jamal

Community organising and the Dublin drugs (heroin) crisis
Heroin killed hundreds of young people in Dublin in the poorest working class communities which have organised a number of anti - drug campaigns in response.

Alliance for a No Vote
A broad umbrella for political and civil groups to come together to oppose the passing of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution

say no to Fortress Europe, protest in Dublin at the Mayday No Borders weekend 2004

Workers Solidarity Movement
Irish anarchist organisation Ireland banner


Struggle was a collection of web pages put up on a voluntary basis for a variety of Irish struggles the web maintainer wass connected to and for Irish and international anarchist groups. It is not intended to imply any relationship between any of the organisations whom I have provided space for on this page (outside of the fact that by putting up pages for them I obviously consider them worth supporting).

The graphic I'm using for the Struggle pages urges you to 'Agitate, Educate, Organise'. The Internet is a wonderful way of finding out information and making links but perhaps it is too easy to passively consume. Hopefully these pages will encourage you to Agitate, Educate, Organise in the district and/or workplace in which you live. My thanks to the Pierre J. Proudhon Memorial Computer for providing space for these pages.


Books and Pamphlets on this site

These are the texts of books or pamphlets that have been sent to me for inclusion on the Struggle site



Solidarity not Social Partnership - Why SIPTU should say no to another partnership deal
Pamphlet produced for SIPTU Thursday 6th October 2005 Biennial National Conference in Cork. "Conference should vote against Motion 59 because social partnership is a lie, a rip-off and has floored our movement. SIPTU needs a new direction and a renewal as a fighting," participatory organisation. PDF file of this text


Shannon airport protests

See also 'What I'm trying to do with the Revolt site'

Anarchists at the Old head of Kinsale